MNCH MALARIA Nutrients FP/RH Tidy Number Sandwich-IA Count Passion – Zero

FY2017 Genuine Actual Reasons away from Second actions in order to Organized things Indications plans Actual Questioned Q4 Q2 Questioned Q3 Q3 delays/openings address gaps changed Q1

Sub Interest next 0. Complete Field Procedures 0.dos.4 GOM and you will Lover Management Present specialized relationship # from partners having signed Yearly target X X X X X 0 2 4 step 3 (through MOU) with our company and you will non- MOU eight dos step 3 step three step 3 United states partners attained

Submit annual are accountable to GOM # out of yearly statement step one X X X X X 0 dos 5 step 3 published to GOM – – – step 1 (to possess 2016)

0.dos.5 Reporting so you’re able to USAID and GOM Fill out yearly report to # from last statement recognized step 1 Annual address X X X X X 0 dos 5 step one USAID by the USAID and you will posted for the 1 – – – ) reached

Fill out every quarter advances # out of progress declaration X X X X X 0 dos 5 dos report to USAID acknowledged and you will uploaded to the 4 – step one step one step 1 step one DEC

0.step 3 Financial Government 0.3.1 Economic methods Create and you can operationalize # out-of offices with operating X X X X X 0 step 3 1 step 1 CCHP financial system economic climate set up 8 8 8 8 8 8

Sandwich Craft initially – Zero

Improve operations program due to the fact % away from CCHP staff built X X X X X 0 step 3 1 dos requisite and you can orient teams on the the latest economic a hundred% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% position

The game you to definitely deal over of numerous fiscal many years has got the exact same activity code. The experience password beneath the same class goes on regarding past financial 12 months. Annex step 1: Interest Dining table Q3 FY2017 Program rules Results

FY2017 Real Real Reasons off Second methods so you’re able to Structured situations Indicators plans Genuine Asked Q4 Q2 Questioned Q3 Q3 waits/holes address openings changed Q1

Sandwich Activity next 0. Overall Job Businesses 0.step 3.2 Monetary Reporting in order to USAID Complete quarterly accruals # out-of accruals report X X X X X 0 step 3 dos step 1 4 step one step 1 step 1 step 1 report to USAID published to USAID Fill in quarterly financial # off SF425 submitted to X X X X X 0 3 dos dos 4 – step one step 1 step 1 1 report otherwise SF425 means so you’re able to USAID 0.step 3.step 3 VAT USAID Submit and you can realize-right up frequently # out of VAT requests on the VAT reimbursement published to MOH (all Target X X X X X 0 step 3 step three step one step 1 – step 3 – step 3 requests with MOH/DLUM season in may) reached

The experience one to deal more of numerous fiscal many years provides the same hobby code. The game code according to the exact same classification continues in the last fiscal season. step 1.step one.1 Support from potential away from people in PNSC structures during the commune and you will Fokontany top towards the CHVs’priorityoninterventions Fokontanylevel and you can commune from the structures ofmembersPNSC ofcapacity Reinforcement 1.1.1 play with and you will range datamortality inside as well as maternal, child neonataland eradicate to priorityintervention of CHVin competencies and you may knowledge Expanding step 1.step one Input City step one (IA1): CommunityIntervention step 1 City (IA1): Involvement and Control ofHealth Services X X X X MNCH X X X X

MALARIA Programcodes X X X X Nourishment X X X X FP/RH X X X X Wash 1 1 1 step one Sub-IA First step one step one step 1 Activity Top step one step one 1 1st Sandwich – Craft No. step 1 dos cuatro step 3 2nd Sandwich – Activity No. workshops with regional stakeholders regional that have workshops initiate-right up regional about three-time Organize COSAN FKT month-to-month conference) month-to-month FKT COSAN otherwise workshop release section the fresh new on complete feel to help you (positioning affairs its out hold to help you CHVs help to formations regional PNSC from opportunities and you can interventions priority CHV’s PNSC, toward direction Promote profile commune and you will region the new from the significantly more than because the working area same the newest Organize PNSC build isn’t yet authored on written yet not was design PNSC the newest commune and you may FKT membership (it levels FKT and you will commune the new Select and you may help to do if your brand new if the would assistto and you may Identify craft is always to be achieved inside brand new through the done getting so you can was passion district release workshop) launch section Prepared situations Planned character and you can CHVs items local hookup Pueblo CO CHVs and part its PNSC, to the dependent minds FKT off # activities CHVs and you will character its PNSC, towards the founded users CCDS of # factors CHVs and you will role their PNSC, with the situated profile area and you can regional brand new from the members of # peak fokontany the fresh new at the right up place design control PNSC of # peak commune brand new at the up lay structure dexterity PNSC from # level area brand new within upwards lay construction control PNSC from # top local the fresh during the right up set construction dexterity PNSC of # courses right up start commune and you will district the fresh inside players # workshops up initiate regional inside participants # Evidence Annex step 1: Pastime Dining table Q3 FY2017 Annex step 1: Interest FY2017 purpose FY2017 revised 14,367 cuatro,555 4,555 step 1,386 cuatro,887 874 456 185 34 seven Genuine Actual 14,386 fourteen,386 dos,995 2,995 step one,179 1,179 step three,301 320 265 Q1 21 step one Real Actual step one,478 step one,478 step 3,226 886 367 367 127 Q2 13 six – Expected Questioned Show Letter/A n/A letter/A letter/A n/A n/A beneficial Q3 – currently attained already hit already reached already reached currently reached already Annual target address Annual target Yearly target Yearly address Annual target Yearly target Yearly Genuine Q3 Real hit 91 – nine Need ofExplanation waits/gaps Second strategies measures Next to address so you’re able to holes Questioned Q4 Asked 17 ——step 1.step 1.2 Pre-services studies. persisted reading and you may supervision ofCHVs supervision learningand continuing knowledge. Pre-solution 1.step one.2 Intervention Urban area step one (IA1): CommunityIntervention 1 Town (IA1): Involvement and Control ofHealth Services X X X X MNCH X X X X