So it icon is an excellent talisman to own like unfortune, friends confusion, incapacity to talk about femininity, infertility, otherwise gynecological trouble

Indication systems are one of the solution services of every everyone culture. The new cues in these solutions mirror esoterism one inscribes folklore and you will community credibility you to witnesses the new mysticism, faith, the concept of deities, and you may interpretation of knowledge.

The Slavic icons are one of the greatest marks off Slavic ancient society regarding the assumption system of your own community as well as their rituals and means.

Historians and you can folklorists had been consistently taking care of deciphering and you will interpreting the brand new social and religious definitions and need for such signs, primarily into the territory where Slavic folks have primarily paid throughout background, we.e. Southeastern and Central European countries.

Apparently, the latest Slavic signs mirror a solid similarity towards the classic runes because they visually establish an effective trust for the higher efforts. The fresh new ancient Slavic tribes deified sheer phenomena and you may did rituals in order to plea into the shelter of the hobbies.

Several of its symbols are manufactured as the representations of its thinking into the deities together with let otherwise blessing one obtained needed for the objective of an extended and you can successful lifestyle for them and you may their families otherwise personal community users.


One such symbol ‘s the Kolovrat that is considered to be the brand new symbol of sun regardless if, korean free dating site online unfortunately, it has been interpreted while the good fascist symbol for the majority of moments of all time as it is much like the brand new Nazi swastika mix.

Etymologically speaking, the word “kolo” during the Kolovrat mode “circle”, otherwise a wheel and therefore personifies the fresh yearly movement or rotation from the sun given that an eternal processes in general.

The brand new antique symbol of your own Kolovrat have eight light since amulet is related to the times of year additionally the absolute issues- environment, fire, liquids, and sky.

It signal is even identified according to the label “svarga” and that describes the fresh new actions of sun light on the heart towards corners and that reveals how the sunrays are linked toward deities off white that are you’ll protectors.

Celebrity away from Lada, Star from Russia

Another important icon regarding Slavic people and you will faith ‘s the thus-entitled Superstar from Russia that was to begin with created in award of the latest Slavic goddess Lada.

Lada had yet another added the Slavic pantheon and she is actually the feminine affiliate of the sunlight one of many male Slavic gods.

Apply the best condition throughout the pantheon, Lada took part in the production of man, therefore, somebody thought the woman guardian of the house and you will goddess- a guardian from marital unions.

The brand new Celebrity of Russia works out an seven-indicated superstar who’s a square that’s connected that have a good twice ellipse.

Reportedly, one of the biggest symbols out-of Slavic nationality are the symbol of one’s goddess Rod who was simply sensed a good patron of all the the fresh new Slavic some body. It actually was thought that Rod will be personified compliment of every lifestyle beings as he shown future and you can future.

This icon was utilized for relatives balance and you will intensifying the fresh energy out of loved ones ties. As well, it absolutely was experienced a protector of numerous hostilities, thus also soldiers dressed in they during the matches.


Next about distinct high symbols inside the Slavic folklore are brand new Valkyrie that has been considered as one of the most powerful protectors to possess fighters and defenders.

The fresh Valkyries wouldn’t be donned by some one but it gotten exclusively so you can troops just who took part in existence-threatening matches and fights.

In fact, Valkyries are a solar power Slavic symbol that could pacify frustration and you will smooth out the battle stress, and you may redirect malicious energies.

Perun’s Flower, Fern Rose

The Perunov Rose, and/or Fern Rose, keeps an ancient Slavic provider. Slavic anybody relevant the fresh fern into the love involving the famous Bathrooms Lady and you can Heavenly Warrior who acquired a rose regarding the jesus Perun because something special.

From inside the Slavic mythology, Perun are demonstrated as highest jesus of the pantheon and you can a jesus of thunder, lightning, law, rain, combat and virility

The latest fern is showed given that a strong defender from evil morale and you can a protective icon one to purportedly brings best wishes and you can matches aside demons and devilish animals, ergo, of numerous Slavic house remaining it as an excellent talisman inside their home.


Alatyr is a beneficial Slavic symbol by which was said to unify the 2 basic principles and you can oppositions of male and female.

That it symbol are demonstrated as a keen eight-peaked star that personifies the center of the country and you may really stands as an eye that may take notice of the globe having high degree and you will fuel. The brand new alatyr was applied simply from the people to own just who it absolutely was thought to features prophetic attributes or was connected with the divine.

It can promote the safety of your group of the representative of the delivering harmony and you can enlightenment. The fresh new alatyr in addition to domesticated rageous internal pushes and will discovered undetectable texts about gods.

Trikvetr, Shamrock

The new trikvetr or shamrock is actually a safety icon on Slavic community and you will folklore. It had been offered three makes/ flower petals and you will was applied during the sacred spiritual ceremonies.

That it icon has also been about powerful defense of one’s popular hobbies and individuals thought that it can broadcast understanding of this new way the sunlight actions across the heavens.

Although commonly confused with the Celtic shamrock, the latest Slavic trikvetra varies from the proven fact that it is good plant instead a good “leg” feet.


Valknut are a symbol which is mainly pertaining to the new jesus Odin as an icon which was seriously interested in it goddess.

It icon try noticed an excellent triune sort of an icon because the it shown a number of the essential cosmological beliefs about Slavic religion or paganism: the latest unification of your own human anatomy in addition to soul, new family relations between traditions and you can elizabeth kin, lastly, new unity of your own three planets the newest old Slavs experienced inside the: the field of today’s, prior and you can coming.