Yes I concur, the data is actually a nutty as chief regarding $cn himself

Looking to understand and justify something you should other what is actually wild before everything else is fairly the brand new pastime and you may encircles and you will up to and around. But change the guy did, over and over which was even before the GAT collection. What number of their weird internal technical customizations, such as for instance regarding rules co-audits, metering and you will TR programs, checksheet rewrites (brand new SHSBC a primary analogy) and RTC TR, metering clips tickets are to identity just a few. The guy extremely had trapped on the Solo NOTs blogs too quickly to the and you can really authored lots of things themselves “fixing it up” and he themselves try a were not successful CL4 auditor!

And the publication and you may bundle rewrites more often than once. But really the guy tries to convince group he would trying to get the technical sheer LRH. Hubbard need been both blind and you will dumb when he lead new SHSBC and set the newest precedent regarding Saint Mountain proportions statistics and a monetary stability algorithm to have Orgs, having so much changed tech around his most nose and providing it at the same time which have those individuals suppressively composed textbooks and checksheets. It would search analytical when the Hubbard did generate all that shit upwards, and it don’t develop efficiency just let it rest be, the bucks are moving in any event in addition to organisation was seemingly huge and steady. The good news is yet not, miscavige enjoys decorated himself towards a large part of which I do not thought he slightly anticipated he’d ever end up.

So what if someone claims I’m most useful given that We comprehend a book otherwise had auditing out of someone

He underestimated the web based defectively while the legal individuals for and you can facing miscavige/scientology are circling such as whales, they smell blood in the water and you can a payday they may simply dream of merely nearby. These represent the real winners within Scientology situation. It does check evidential although not you to definitely miscavige got set for Hubbard in the a huge ways. Damaging Scientology since it was as he stole they became as an alternative needless to say an addiction to him – merely view exactly what the guy performed into the exec strata! That is specific pretty significant wreck in the anybody’s terms. He stated nearly all of Hubbard’s prior Saint Mountain staff and you can nothing Hubbard instructed CLXII exists today in the church – he ning proof just what miscavige thought of Hubbard along with his tech.

Instance – in the event that Scientology never ever spent some time working first off, why must miscavige need transform it?

Discover never been a protecting regarding neither change of Scientology – it generally does not work in a group format whatever the you manage inside. That can easily be to have greatest otherwise bad rather with ease provable. Take todays upload on the latest throughout the most significant and best inside the Los angeles therefore the past almost a year for the Mike’s webpages – it is all a death move from miscavige’s organization and its own lies. And you can Flag is actually a tale. Perhaps the technology works best for some one could have been and additionally be contended from this point with the aside – but really which offers a crap? Heavens benefit, some people end up being spiritually satisfied sitting on a hill top to have 30 years otherwise someone else jumping of aircraft.

But I do believe we are able to conveniently to see and you can agree that the new fact Scientology since a group interest is inactive in the water and if their tech is ever before doable, better… so what does they matter now. But not, geezers failed to some funds change hands over this subject, together with carnage regarding broken lifetime and you may smashed hopes and dreams kept within the the wake is sufficient to change the tummy from perhaps the very hardened critic from Hubbard. I suppose it can be argued miscavige possess better off making the technology alone and just counting the money – randki date me he then you may most fault Hubbard if ran incorrect. But as i said earlier seeking to know and you will identify something that’s wild simply encircles and you will to and as much as.