She got gloves one to finished above the shoulder, that happen to be one another reddish and you will red, albeit within the opposite acquisition

Through the Arkham Knight, Harley together with turned alot more cocky, capable, and you will she regained most of the girl versatility. Because of this, she was even capable figure out Batman’s desktop in Panessa Studios. This could was since Harley was no longer swayed on new Joker’s instructions, and you will presented the Joker had “stored the girl right back” off their potential. She still, yet not, displayed a number of need for the new Joker when Henry Adams behaved similarly to him. Also, several thugs titled her the latest “Clown Little princess off Crime” and therefore suggested you to definitely Harley had changed the new Joker’s clown-built offense regarding Gotham Urban area Underworld.

Just like the Joker, she as well as from time to time provides a neglect on her personal safeguards. In particular, following Joker’s passing, she is actually perfectly prepared to pass away on destruction away from their own lair merely to return toward upcoming-recently , when Deadshot accessible to kill Harley Quinn to own Penguin, she merely try frustrated by his render.

Batman: Arkham Roots

During the Arkham Sources, Harleen’s clothes was alot more practical than that the brand new after online game, as she are functioning within Blackgate Jail and you can had not been the lady dark life of crime. The girl uniform contains color just like the woman dresses as Harley, yet , lacked most of the framework aspects. Harleen’s tresses was at a bun, along with her tresses pushed left side of the lady face, rather than the signature twin ponytails. She dressed in a white coat over a red-colored top, along with her title mark pinned to your remaining edge of this lady chest. She wore black pants and you will a black skirt, which have black colored stockings and you may red-colored heels.

Batman: Assault into Arkham

For the Harley’s next physical appearance the woman dress was much more some other, with an excellent headpiece the same as you to donned by the woman move equal. This lady better is a viewed container ideal, hence unwrapped the girl midriff and you can waist line, and additionally a free black colored glove on her behalf left hand, and you may a black colored sleeve on her right. She dressed in black and red jeans, which have a purple diamond trend on the right, and you can a free belt with a beneficial diamond buckle. She wore black sneakers that finished midway anywhere between their plenty of fish lower body and you may foot because the boots.

Batgirl: A matter of Friends

Harley wore their brand-new black colored and red jester dress that was an identical in the DC Moving Market, but this lady shoes was basically heeled rather than getting flat.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Brand new Arkham Asylum rendition of Harley’s costume is actually exactly like one regarding a nursing assistant, that have a red-colored, white, black and you can yellow color palette. Her locks was at the new twin ponytails that was most common, albeit without having any black colored and you may purple color. Harley got most cosmetics, just like the the girl deal with is entirely white, that have green blush and you may yellow lip stick. That it version integrated a face mask, together with name mark from Quincy Evident. The girl attire consisted of a white shirt, having a purple and you will red-colored corset regarding it, in addition to a black choker necklace. Harley got a tiny gap between the woman most useful and you may dress, hence presented their navel. Her belt was a thick black leather-based one to, which have a gold square buckle. Her skirt is white together with exactly what appeared to be blood involved. You will find a space between Harley’s top and you can boots, where their fishnet pantyhose been able to rise above the crowd. New boots she wore was leather-based in features, with a red that towards kept, and you may purple on the right. At the base of the woman sneakers had been thick platforms. It looks has received a typically negative reaction out-of both admirers and you will experts due to its extreme deviation of Harley’s earlier seems.